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City: Sturgis
State: MI
Country: , US
Measurements: 32-23-32
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 102
Eyes: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Things I Love: Good champagne! Ordering room service and Las Vegas!
Things I Hate: Cheapskates and when people pick their teeth
Hobbies: Traveling the world and sleeping in
About the Model
How many can say they’re one-fourth as old as they are? Shay Lyn can, but you won’t mistake her for a grade schooler. Born on February 29, this leap-year baby also came into this world in the birthplace of golf, St. Andrews, Scotland, so she’d rather have a number that steadily moves backward. These curiosities aside, Shay is a real Midwestern girl, cute as a button whose modeling career has heated up with covers of Body Fitness and Ironman, and the pages of Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness and other glossies. Shay’s bubbly personality comes through in print work for Body By Jake, Kitty Clothing and countless calendars and posters and fully shines in commercials and promotions: from Patrón to Bacardi to the Palms Casino Resort. She’s also gotten her feet wet as an actress, most recently on “Knight Rider” and “Two and a Half Men.” A fourth-of-a-cheer for Shay! YAY Shay!

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