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New Releases

New Releases

Vegas Baby

Bench Warmer goes to VEGAS BABY! These cards were sold exclusively to the dealers who attended the Industry Summit in Las Vegas from March 18-21, 2012. See the list below. Production for this super premium set is limited to 99 numbered cases and the series is made up of 8 really UNIQUE chase sets AND…Price: $0.00

Featured Card/Card Set

Featured Card/Card Set

2012 Soccer Premium

You can finally fulfill your goal for 2012 with the Benchwarmer Soccer Premium Trading Card Set. Production for this super premium set is limited to 199 numbered cases, which makes them kick a**! 4 Cards Per Box 12 Boxes Per Case Every card is numbered and at least 120PT Thick with Etch Foil! The 163…Price: $99.95

What's Hot

 What's Hot

2013 Bench Warmer Holiday

It's been a great year, lets celebrate it with our sexiest Bench Warmer Babes! There are 9 guaranteed autographs per box, including 1 base card (#/20 or less)! In each box there are three autographed cards #/25 or less including one Auto card #/10 or less! Only 99 NUMBERED CASES were produced! 9 Cards…Price: $99.95

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New Releases

Mary Riley Numbered Swatch

This Mary Riley website…Price: $69.95

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Featured Card/Card Set

Back To School Girls 11-Card Auto Set

This Website Exclusive…Price: $69.95


 What's Hot

Daizy Dukez

Just in time for the…Price: $99.95

Collecting Benchwarmer Cards

Recent Rare Cards closing for Big Money on Ebay!

Auto Swatch Brook Morales sells for $560.00:
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How It Works

If you are ready to become a true Bench Warmer collector, there are a couple of terms you need to be familiar with.
First, there is the BASE SET. This is a complete set of base cards or “common cards” for a particular card series. You usually can not purchase the base set, rather they each card is randomly  packaged in packs. This way, when you open a pack, you neve...

History of Benchwarmer Cards

Founded in early 1992, Bench Warmer created the female trading card category with its first release of 120 cards featuring beautiful women in their favorite sports garb. Although primitive by today's collecting standards, this premiere edition set featured outstanding photography printed on high quality card stock and spawned a plethora of copycat "Girl Card" competitors. In early 1994, Bench Warmer released its "Series 2" edition, following u...